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Are you Foreign Domestic Helpers or Maids?
Apply an Easy Approval Domestic Helper Loan 2018
Over the years, Singapore has become one of the top destinations for domestic workers. The high standards of living, quality of education, economic stability and higher pay attracts a diverse range of foreigners into the country. The largest group in this category consists of Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW).

Are you a foreign domestic helper or maid?
Working as a foreign domestic helper or maid here in Singapore like yourself, even though you might be earning a better salary as compared, there are times where you will need the extra cash, such as sending the money back due to emergency situations back in your home town.

This is where AGMCredits steps in, one of the top credits firm offering one of the best loans to foreign domestic workers like yourself.

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Customized Domestic Loan Packages
With the help of a foreign Domestic Helpers Loan in Singapore. you will be able to tide through financial crisis that you are having and also the budget to pay for all these impromptu events.

No matter what your needs are, AGMCredits has the best loan packages that are customized just for you.

​Speed and Convenience
All it takes is to send in your application to us, and we will inform you once the loan contract is available at our office. By then, you shall receive the loan amount via bank-transfer or at one of our desire meet-up point which is favorable and convenient for you. Easy and simple as 1 2 3.

Our Commitment
We can ensure you of our lowest interest rates that will suit your budget and financial situation.

Customised Loan Packages
Feel free to consult our representatives to learn more about the most suitable foreign loan package that will meet your needs.

Easy Repayment Options
Pay with ease by choosing our fixed monthly loan installment plans for better control on your debts.

Eligibility Criteria for Foreigner Loan Applicants
Our Foreigner Loan Packages are offered to qualified applicants who has full-time employment in Singapore, and holds a valid Singapore employment pass.
You are not alone. Money Tree Credits is always here to help you.

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